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Popular Lineman Tools

Popular Lineman Tools

The lineman’s job is not an easy job and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Also called a power line technician, a lineman is responsible for establishing primary electric power and telephone lines for businesses and residents within a city.

A lineman can be a versatile serviceman within a company, sometimes taking on the role of the installation of other types of lines, like cable TV lines. But generally speaking, a lineman is going to be handling all of the dirty work when it comes to getting important electrical and telephone utilities to your home or business.

And an effective lineman needs effective lineman tools. Below you’ll find a variety of different lineman tools or tower workers equipment for you to get started with when building out your toolkits. You’ll find everything from iron workers tools to pole climbers gear and more.


A must have for every lineman, the pliers are used in virtually every job for installation and maintenance for both power and transmission lines. These handy lineman tools can grip, pull, and otherwise manipulate wires and cables that a lineman needs to install or maintain.

Note that there are a variety of different pliers that a lineman will need to use for different projects and roles within their job.

Cable Strippers

The next of the common lineman tools is the cable strippers. As the name implies, these are capable of stripping or removing the insulation around the wire itself. This insulation is important for protecting other people from accidentally touching the wire transmitting electricity. Some lineman tasks will require the stripping of that insulation in order to complete the job.


These alone are a handy tool to have, no matter who you are. Screwdrivers will help you tighten little odds-and-ends, undo screws to access batteries or other protected areas. For a lineman, screwdrivers are going to be required in order to access panels or other areas that have been intentionally locked away to prevent accidental access.

Protective Gear

Like all jobs associated with danger, a lineman needs protective gear, such as the following (depending on the company and the type of work being completed): hard hats, gloves, boots, harnesses (to prevent falls), protective eyewear, and more.

Other Noteworthy Lineman Tools

While there’s no one true comprehensive list of lineman tools, since each company and lineman will have different goals and services, the following tools are also worth considering adding into your toolkit or at least having access to: wrenches, hammers, knives, measuring devices, sockets, pole climbers gear, iron workers tools, tower workers equipment, and more.

Check out our selection of lineman tools to start your toolkit today or to upgrade your existing equipment!

Unsung Heroes

In the wake of 9/11, we were inundated with images of those fallen buildings. For those who lived through that time, the images of large piles of rubble and twisted and mangled metal linger. Those images have become our imprinted memory of that fateful day.

However, that site is no longer a pile of rubble and metal. In record time, the site was cleared and the path was already being paved to replace the World Trade Center towers with the One World Trade Center AKA, the Freedom Tower. At 1776 feet, it was deemed the tallest building in North America. This magnificent building was completed 13 years after the terrible attack of 9/11.

Over the course of 10+ years, the iron workers from New York City’s Local 40 Ironworkers Union handled and installed the steel and iron that would make up this new American icon. Today, any visit to NYC is incomplete without a visit to see the building that stands as a message to the world of America’s resilience and determination and the iron workers who worked day and night to build this amazing building are some of the unsung heroes that demonstrate America’s greatness.

For a short video about the Local 40, click here.

Proper Pole Climbing Gear is Imperative

If your daily job responsibilities have you climbing up and down poles often, having the proper pole climbing gear is imperative. Also, making sure that that gear fits right is important. If you have to use pole climbers it is imperative that they are properly adjusted.

In order to ensure that the pole climbers are properly adjusted to your leg, you should simply place your foot in the stirrup, measure two fingers below your knee and move the adjuster to that point. Once you have secured the adjusters in that spot, you should have a good starting location for getting the right fit.

The key is to ensure that your pole climbers do not rub your knee bone. This can cause both pain and damage to the knee. If you experience friction on the knee bone from your pole climbers, simply adjust them downward to a more comfortable position. Getting the location right can make a huge difference in making sure that you are not suffering from persistent pain day to day and help you get your job done right and efficiently.


Finally, make sure your gaffs are properly shaped and sharpened and you will be all set for a long day of work as you climb up and down.

Making Your Dangerous Job Safe

There are a lot of jobs out there that require special safety gear to protect the workers because of the environment they are in. It could be up in high places, around high voltage electricity, or even working with toxic chemicals. No matter which one of these categories your job falls into, finding the correct safety equipment is important so that you make it home to your family safe and sound after every shift.

Safety Gear Should be Top Quality

Because your safety is so important, make sure you purchase top quality gear to protect you. If you are looking for lineman tools or even pole climbers gear, there are certain safety standards that you must look for so that your equipment is right for your situation. Your safety is important to the manufacturers of your gear and they want to keep you safe and have you refer your co-workers to them.

Gear Customized to Your Job

Whatever dangerous job you may have, there is specialized gear that you will need to find to keep you safe. Tower workers’ equipment is designed to keep them safe and have the best possible tools to do their job right. At that height, your equipment is the last thing you need to be thinking about. Even iron workers’ tools are specialized due to the extreme temperatures that they deal with on a daily basis. Find the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

Inspection is Important

Any job will require a certain amount of preparation on a daily basis. Dangerous jobs working at heights or high temperatures is no exception. Check out your equipment thoroughly every day to make sure that no straps are frayed, no buckles are giving way, and that no tools need repair. A minor check every day could be the difference between going home at the end of your shift or ending up in the hospital. Safety is very important, so do not take it for granted.

Unmatched Warranty

Most top quality equipment and tools are expensive, but the cost of these items usually comes with a warranty that cannot be beaten. Numerous tools and equipment have lifetime warranties or they will replace the item if there are any problems with it. You may end up paying a lot in the beginning, but that is better than purchasing some inferior equipment and needing to replace it numerous times. Go with the best and you will never go wrong. 

Your One Stop Shop for Ensuring Complete Safety on the Job

Workers who deal with extreme positons have unique equipment needs. From specialized equipment to specific gear to be used in your job, you must take your safety seriously. Making sure you arrive home safely after a hard day of work is important, so you need to have the correct equipment to help that happen.

Lineman Tools

Your lineman tools need to be durable and of the top quality to ensure that you are able to complete the job safely and effectively. A company that has extensive knowledge of this and can provide all of your tool and equipment needs is vital. They need to provide gloves, boots, harnesses and all types of safety gear to make sure you are able to complete your line job with ease.

Tower Workers Equipment

The unique quality of this job requires specialized equipment when you are at the extreme heights you will be as. The quality of equipment and various tools you need to make sure the job is done right need to be available in one place. When you are on the tower is not a time to have inferior equipment because you don’t want to jeopardize your safety at all.

Iron Workers Tools

With extreme heat and the raw materials you are around, fire retardant equipment and clothing is important. Only the highest quality equipment and tools will do when you are forming the iron from its raw elements to a formed piece. When your safety is important, make sure the company providing you with your tools feel that it is important as well.

Pole Climbers Gear

If pole climbing is part of your job description then you have a specialized set of tools and equipment to make sure you keep yourself on the pole at all costs. The quality of your boots, gloves, harness and belt will be the determining factor if you make it up and down the pole successfully every day. With durable equipment, your safety will always be in your hands and you can focus on the work you need to do and not worry about your gear.

Dependable, quality, durable and safe are words you need to use when looking into tools and equipment for hazardous jobs. Safety is important and the required standards that are in place are created for that main purpose. Select only the best to make your job successful.



Who Can Benefit From Investing in Safety Gear

Safety gear is vital for many jobs out there, and when you use it for your career, then you will want to ensure you get the best. However, before you start shopping around for the gear you need, you may wonder what types of people advantage from the different styles of safety equipment and tools out there. Here are a few professionals that will benefit from investing in safety gear to ensure that they prevent accidents from happening and so they have confidence while they work in unique places. 

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Arborists and Landscapers

When you have to get in high places to complete jobs like cutting down trees, then you will want to ensure you are firmly harnessed in case an incident were to occur. Landscapers that have to trim trees will also benefit from safety equipment, and this should never be a place that you want save money. When you get the best gear, you’ll find that the investment will last for years to come. 

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Tower Workers and Pole Climbers

Pole climbers gear is designed to protect and assist you throughout your day, and if you or someone you love goes to work everyday in an environment like this, then safety will always be a priority. Those that work on cellphone towers and other high places like this will also benefit from investing in tower worker equipment, and that involves gear designed for safety. 

Lineman and Window Washers

Lineman tools are an essential part of the job, and safety gear is no different. When you reach new heights, you want to ensure that you are protected from falls and mishaps, and investing in the best safety gear will be crucial. Plus, when you get quality material, then you will not have to make this purchase often because it will stay strong and durable. 

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Many More That Go to Great Heights 

Next time you are looking at iron workers tools or you are starting a new career that involves gear for safety from falling such as harnesses, then take a look at the different options we have. There are a lot of professionals and even those that are recreationally climbing that will be put in dangerous situations, and the best way to stay proactive and protect yourself is look at the different safety gear options and choose the one that makes the most sense for the actions you take daily.

Why You Should Buy Safety Gear From A Reputable Store

When you work in a career that involved heavy lifting and climbing, you want to be sure that you have the best gear and tools to ensure that you get the job done with precision and safety. However, you should be aware that just having the equipment and gear isn’t going to ensure that you get the results you are hoping for. You’ll need to invest in a safety gear from a reputable store that knows the industry, and understands the importance of quality. Here we list a few reasons why you should look at the best shops when you need essential lineman tools and beyond. 

They Sell Quality Brands

Most of us try to keep up with quality brands when it comes to tower workers equipment and other supplies and gear, and the best stores will work hard to make sure that they provide you with top manufacturers. Pole climbers gear is not something that you want to cheap out on because it is designed to keep you safe and productive. While the prices will be fair, make sure you aren’t just buying something because the cost is low. When you invest in quality brands, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a product that will last and do its job so that you can do yours. 

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They Focus on Convenience

When you buy iron workers tools, you’ll not only appreciate the quality, but you’ll love that you have a convenient buying experience because a reputable shop will make it a focus. They will make sure that you have a secure checkout when making the purchase online, and they will provide you with information about the different features that each item has. Trust that the best stores will put you first when it comes to safety gear and tools because they want you to come back time and again. 

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You’ll Get Outstanding Customer Service

If you do have questions that you can’t find answer to at the online shop, then you can easily call customer service. You’ll discover that one reason the company has built such a positive reputation is because they make themselves available and respond quickly to your needs. Not only will receive some of the best safety products on the market for a variety of jobs, but you’ll get to enjoy the customer service that makes the gear and equipment even better. 

Choosing the Right Harness

There are a lot of harnesses on the market and choosing the right one is important. Here are some things to consider as you make your choice:

  • Comfort - Padding makes your harness more comfortable and comfort is important. If you’re working in the air everyday and find yourself in your harness day in and day out, you want it to be comfortable. Frankly, you’ll wear it more than it’s function will be deployed so you want it to be comfortable.

  • Buckles - What kind of buckles does your prospective harness have? Does it have quick-connect buckles or pass-through buckles? You’ll find that the quick-connect style is more user friendly and provides ease when making adjustments.

  • Weight - Remember, you’re wearing this harness a lot and getting one that is as lightweight as possible while still providing the necessary ease of use and safety is worth taking into consideration.

  • Additional Safety Features - It’s a good idea to choose harnesses with additional safety features other than just the standard harness features. For instance, some models have spring-loaded D-ring on the back that allows for easier hooking in. If possible, make sure that your harness has the latest in impact indicators to ensure your awareness of any compromised equipment while you work.

When buying a full-body harness, cost is always a factor, but should not be your primary consideration. This is one area that you should consider spending a little more in order to make sure that you get the best available equipment to keep you safe on the job.

The Importance of Safety Harness Inspection

The key to keeping your safety equipment safe is routine and thorough inspection. Regardless of the quality of your equipment, if it undergoes any damage, it is under risk of failing when you need it the most.

Inspections should be performed before each use. Users should be inspecting with a keen eye for deficiencies caused by corrosion, sharp edges, rust, overheating, broken or popped stitching, etc. If a harness is found to be defective or damaged, it should be removed from service and replaced or serviced ASAP.

Also, when you are inspecting your harness, it is a good idea to consider it as a collection of parts and pieces which all need to be maintained and inspected.

First, you will want to check and make sure the impact indicator has not been deployed. Various harnesses have different styles of indicators so you will want to familiarize yourself with your harness in order to properly inspect it. If any indicators are deployed, refrain from use.

Next, check all the buckles, grommets, D-rings, etc. for any visible damage and deformations. Also, look for rust or corrosion that can prevent the harness from swivelling and pivoting properly in the event of a fall.

Also, check all the webbing on your harness for rips, frays, or tears. Make sure that the stitching around high-friction areas is not frayed or worn. Heavy use can cause breakdown of the webbing over time.

Inspecting and maintaining your safety equipment can be the difference between life and death. Stay vigilant and always perform your safety checks before using your harness.

Choosing the Right Fall Protection

In the 2017 Renewable Energy Handbook, Craig Firl (Technical Manager at 3M Fall Protection) provided some key considerations for tower workers to consider when choosing the right fall protection gear. They are:

  • Compliance - Does the gear meet OSHA and ANSI standards? These standards are intended to protect workers and any gear that doesn’t match their standards should be avoided.

  • Correct Fit - Is the gear comfortable to wear? You are going to wear this gear on a daily basis and it needs to be comfortable. Correct fit is a key to comfortability.

  • Connection Point - Where does your tether need to connect? Depending on the type of work that you do, your tether may need to connect at the waist, in the front of your body, or on the dorsal portion of your back. This connection point may be determined by other factors as well like where you carry your tools.

  • Conditions - What are the conditions in which you regularly work? Obviously you are working up high, but are you working with electricity or welders? Are there risks of high heat or sparks? The conditions play a considerable factor in determining the material from which you will need you fall protection to be manufactured.

Finally, whatever choice that you make regarding your fall protection, regular and thorough inspection is important to ensuring your continued safety in the workplace.

The Dangers of Falling

A study of work-related accidents from 2014 showed that falling was the leading cause of death in the U.S. construction industry. The study showed that nearly 40% of deaths on the construction sites resulted from falls. Working at height is often required, but presents a host of constant threats of injury or death.

The best way to reduce risk of falling is to ensure that you are equipped with the best safety equipment that you can get. Quality harnesses, safety belts, climbing gear, and even gloves can make a huge difference if being high in the air is a regular part of your daily job. However, simply owning good, quality equipment doesn’t equal safety. Proper usage is the key. The same study cited above showed that those falls that resulted in death were caused by improper use of safety equipment.

Additional to utilizing proper personal safety equipment, every worker is responsible to make sure that the work site is properly secured. Utilizing properly assembled and secured scaffolding, quality ladders, and making sure that openings in the floor or shafts are brightly marked and clear to all those working on the job.

Falling is a dangerous possibility for anyone who undertakes the task of working in elevated environments day in and day out. Ultimate Tool and Safety is a fantastic source for all of you safety needs. An investment in your safety is the most important investment you can make.

Safety Equipment Considerations

Utility workers, lineman, pole climbers, and others who provide and maintain valuable services overhead are constantly placing themselves in harm’s way as they do their job. This constant danger is a reminder of the value of and necessity for quality fall prevention products.


There are some key considerations in choosing fall protection equipment:

  • Durability

Your safety equipment endures a lot of wear and tear and it needs to be able to hold up in order to ensure that it is reliable when you need it.

  • Comfort

It is likely that you spend a majority of your day everyday wearing portions of your safety gear. Comfort is the key to making sure that safety equipment isn’t a hassle and helps ensure that workers will actually wear their gear.

  • Versatility

If you can find equipment that accomplishes multiple functions in one piece, it is often better because it can reduce the possibility of oversight when setting up your equipment to climb.

  • Ease of use and maintenance

Your equipment should be easy to put on and just as easy to maintain. Complicated equipment can be a deterrent to use and anything that makes equipment easier to refrain from use is dangerous.

  • Standard compliant

Make sure that any safety equipment that you invest in is compliant with OSHA and any other industry standards to ensure that it is reliable in the event of a fall.


These considerations can help you make the right choice when selecting safety gear and help to ensure your safety over the duration of your career.

Safety is Key

Whether you’re a lineman, ironworker, tower worker, or pole climber you understand that safety is the key to your job everyday. The nature of your work is risky and that risk can be life-threatening. Working up the in air is unnatural and dangerous. Having the proper tools and safety equipment can make all the difference.

Day in and day out you undertake dangerous and complicated tasks that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Ultimate Tool and Safety is committed to your safety by providing you with the best tools and safety equipment that you need to do your job well, efficiently, and safely.
From hand tools to harness and gloves to belts, the decisions that you make with these purchases is never taken lightly and we strive to ensure that the products that we offer will make you capable of doing your job day in and day out.
Our website has a wide variety of offerings for you to choose from to make sure that you can get what you want and what you need to do your job. At Ultimate Tool and Safety we understand that you work hard everyday and we want you to know that we work hard to make sure that you have what you need. Thanks for all that you do and stay safe.

Safe Tower Climbing

We live in a wireless world. Our phones, the Internet service in our homes, the cable we watch on our TV, etc. all gives us the illusion that we live in a wireless society, but the irony is that all of that wirelessness is serviced by large amounts of very large wires that are likely running over your head right now. This means that someone is tasked with climbing tall towers on a regular basis to ensure that the convenience of our wireless society is maintained. 

If you’re one of those regular tower climbers, while you’ve received the necessary training to do your job well, there is certain equipment that is key to ensuring your safety and things to consider in selecting these items.

Anchorage Connectors:

When you are selecting anchorage connectors, make sure that they have been tested for physical integrity and toughness. When you’re high in the air, you want your connection point to sturdy and reliable.

Body Supports:

After anchorage connectors, your body support is probably the most important piece of equipment. You wear it everyday on just about every job. Fit and durability are important. Make sure your body support fits your properly and is worn properly every time you’re in the air.

Descent and Rescue Equipment:

Being a tower climber is really more about getting down than getting up. If you aren’t equipped with the proper tools to get down, it doesn’t make much sense to go up in the first place. Real life is lived on the ground.

Tower climbing is a difficult and dangerous job that facilitates the many conveniences of our digital and wireless society. Make sure that you are protected on job with the right equipment for your daily responsibilities.

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