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Glove Safety is Important

The most common injury in the workplace is an injury to the hand. Regardless of your area of work, you likely use your hands and if you work with your hands in construction or active environments, your hands are at risk. Gloves provide safety in these situations. Simply using the correct hand protection could have prevented a large majority of the reported hand injuries.

If your work requires you to climb up and down poles or ladders, handle any type of tools or construction materials, or work with projects that could result in being burnt or cut, you should be wearing gloves. Gloves are essential to preserving your hands in these environments.

You should consider several factors regarding your gloves. First, consider the fit. You don’t want to wear gloves that are too big. A glove that is too big can actually present just as much danger as no glove at all. Second, consider the application. Do you need to have increased grip, protection from sharp edges, and protection from welding sparks or heat? These factors should be considered in selecting your work gloves.

Of course, there are some situations where gloves would not be appropriate and in those cases, they should be removed. However, consider your hands. You have many little bones in there that you want to protect and the immobilization of a hand can lead to much stress and frustration. 

Your hands are you most important tools on the job. You only get two, so take care of them. Make sure you wear gloves whenever you can.