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The Right Tools Are Key

Forbes just released its Most Dangerous Jobs report. The list takes into consideration the relative risk of fatality on the job and the top ten most dangerous jobs are:

  • Farm occupations 
  • Truck drivers 
  • Electric power installers 
  • Roofers 
  • Construction laborer 
  • Taxicab drivers 
  • Structural metal workers 
  • Airplane pilots 
  • Timber cutters 
  • Fishers 

Obviously, some jobs are more dangerous than others and fortunately for many, there are workers who are willing to undertake that risk. When they do, it is key that they have the right safety equipment. That equipment varies depending on the nature and demands of the job, but the report notes that one out of six workplace injuries involve slips, falls, and trips. This means that just over 15% of all workplace injuries could potentially have been avoided with the implementation of safety protocols and the use of proper safety equipment.

Ultimate Tool and Safety stocks most of your safety equipment and trade tools in order to help you get your job done right and be safe doing it. At the end of the day, safety standards setup by OSHA and other bodies can help to facilitate safe working environments, but without the right tools and equipment those rules and regulations are somewhat arbitrary. Contact Ultimate Tool and Safety to get what you need.