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Safe Tower Climbing

We live in a wireless world. Our phones, the Internet service in our homes, the cable we watch on our TV, etc. all gives us the illusion that we live in a wireless society, but the irony is that all of that wirelessness is serviced by large amounts of very large wires that are likely running over your head right now. This means that someone is tasked with climbing tall towers on a regular basis to ensure that the convenience of our wireless society is maintained. 

If you’re one of those regular tower climbers, while you’ve received the necessary training to do your job well, there is certain equipment that is key to ensuring your safety and things to consider in selecting these items.

Anchorage Connectors:

When you are selecting anchorage connectors, make sure that they have been tested for physical integrity and toughness. When you’re high in the air, you want your connection point to sturdy and reliable.

Body Supports:

After anchorage connectors, your body support is probably the most important piece of equipment. You wear it everyday on just about every job. Fit and durability are important. Make sure your body support fits your properly and is worn properly every time you’re in the air.

Descent and Rescue Equipment:

Being a tower climber is really more about getting down than getting up. If you aren’t equipped with the proper tools to get down, it doesn’t make much sense to go up in the first place. Real life is lived on the ground.

Tower climbing is a difficult and dangerous job that facilitates the many conveniences of our digital and wireless society. Make sure that you are protected on job with the right equipment for your daily responsibilities.