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Safety Equipment Considerations

Utility workers, lineman, pole climbers, and others who provide and maintain valuable services overhead are constantly placing themselves in harm’s way as they do their job. This constant danger is a reminder of the value of and necessity for quality fall prevention products.


There are some key considerations in choosing fall protection equipment:

  • Durability

Your safety equipment endures a lot of wear and tear and it needs to be able to hold up in order to ensure that it is reliable when you need it.

  • Comfort

It is likely that you spend a majority of your day everyday wearing portions of your safety gear. Comfort is the key to making sure that safety equipment isn’t a hassle and helps ensure that workers will actually wear their gear.

  • Versatility

If you can find equipment that accomplishes multiple functions in one piece, it is often better because it can reduce the possibility of oversight when setting up your equipment to climb.

  • Ease of use and maintenance

Your equipment should be easy to put on and just as easy to maintain. Complicated equipment can be a deterrent to use and anything that makes equipment easier to refrain from use is dangerous.

  • Standard compliant

Make sure that any safety equipment that you invest in is compliant with OSHA and any other industry standards to ensure that it is reliable in the event of a fall.


These considerations can help you make the right choice when selecting safety gear and help to ensure your safety over the duration of your career.