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The Dangers of Falling

A study of work-related accidents from 2014 showed that falling was the leading cause of death in the U.S. construction industry. The study showed that nearly 40% of deaths on the construction sites resulted from falls. Working at height is often required, but presents a host of constant threats of injury or death.

The best way to reduce risk of falling is to ensure that you are equipped with the best safety equipment that you can get. Quality harnesses, safety belts, climbing gear, and even gloves can make a huge difference if being high in the air is a regular part of your daily job. However, simply owning good, quality equipment doesn’t equal safety. Proper usage is the key. The same study cited above showed that those falls that resulted in death were caused by improper use of safety equipment.

Additional to utilizing proper personal safety equipment, every worker is responsible to make sure that the work site is properly secured. Utilizing properly assembled and secured scaffolding, quality ladders, and making sure that openings in the floor or shafts are brightly marked and clear to all those working on the job.

Falling is a dangerous possibility for anyone who undertakes the task of working in elevated environments day in and day out. Ultimate Tool and Safety is a fantastic source for all of you safety needs. An investment in your safety is the most important investment you can make.