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Choosing the Right Fall Protection

In the 2017 Renewable Energy Handbook, Craig Firl (Technical Manager at 3M Fall Protection) provided some key considerations for tower workers to consider when choosing the right fall protection gear. They are:

  • Compliance - Does the gear meet OSHA and ANSI standards? These standards are intended to protect workers and any gear that doesn’t match their standards should be avoided.

  • Correct Fit - Is the gear comfortable to wear? You are going to wear this gear on a daily basis and it needs to be comfortable. Correct fit is a key to comfortability.

  • Connection Point - Where does your tether need to connect? Depending on the type of work that you do, your tether may need to connect at the waist, in the front of your body, or on the dorsal portion of your back. This connection point may be determined by other factors as well like where you carry your tools.

  • Conditions - What are the conditions in which you regularly work? Obviously you are working up high, but are you working with electricity or welders? Are there risks of high heat or sparks? The conditions play a considerable factor in determining the material from which you will need you fall protection to be manufactured.

Finally, whatever choice that you make regarding your fall protection, regular and thorough inspection is important to ensuring your continued safety in the workplace.