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Proper Pole Climbing Gear is Imperative

If your daily job responsibilities have you climbing up and down poles often, having the proper pole climbing gear is imperative. Also, making sure that that gear fits right is important. If you have to use pole climbers it is imperative that they are properly adjusted.

In order to ensure that the pole climbers are properly adjusted to your leg, you should simply place your foot in the stirrup, measure two fingers below your knee and move the adjuster to that point. Once you have secured the adjusters in that spot, you should have a good starting location for getting the right fit.

The key is to ensure that your pole climbers do not rub your knee bone. This can cause both pain and damage to the knee. If you experience friction on the knee bone from your pole climbers, simply adjust them downward to a more comfortable position. Getting the location right can make a huge difference in making sure that you are not suffering from persistent pain day to day and help you get your job done right and efficiently.


Finally, make sure your gaffs are properly shaped and sharpened and you will be all set for a long day of work as you climb up and down.