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Unsung Heroes

In the wake of 9/11, we were inundated with images of those fallen buildings. For those who lived through that time, the images of large piles of rubble and twisted and mangled metal linger. Those images have become our imprinted memory of that fateful day.

However, that site is no longer a pile of rubble and metal. In record time, the site was cleared and the path was already being paved to replace the World Trade Center towers with the One World Trade Center AKA, the Freedom Tower. At 1776 feet, it was deemed the tallest building in North America. This magnificent building was completed 13 years after the terrible attack of 9/11.

Over the course of 10+ years, the iron workers from New York City’s Local 40 Ironworkers Union handled and installed the steel and iron that would make up this new American icon. Today, any visit to NYC is incomplete without a visit to see the building that stands as a message to the world of America’s resilience and determination and the iron workers who worked day and night to build this amazing building are some of the unsung heroes that demonstrate America’s greatness.

For a short video about the Local 40, click here.