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Popular Lineman Tools

Popular Lineman Tools

The lineman’s job is not an easy job and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Also called a power line technician, a lineman is responsible for establishing primary electric power and telephone lines for businesses and residents within a city.

A lineman can be a versatile serviceman within a company, sometimes taking on the role of the installation of other types of lines, like cable TV lines. But generally speaking, a lineman is going to be handling all of the dirty work when it comes to getting important electrical and telephone utilities to your home or business.

And an effective lineman needs effective lineman tools. Below you’ll find a variety of different lineman tools or tower workers equipment for you to get started with when building out your toolkits. You’ll find everything from iron workers tools to pole climbers gear and more.


A must have for every lineman, the pliers are used in virtually every job for installation and maintenance for both power and transmission lines. These handy lineman tools can grip, pull, and otherwise manipulate wires and cables that a lineman needs to install or maintain.

Note that there are a variety of different pliers that a lineman will need to use for different projects and roles within their job.

Cable Strippers

The next of the common lineman tools is the cable strippers. As the name implies, these are capable of stripping or removing the insulation around the wire itself. This insulation is important for protecting other people from accidentally touching the wire transmitting electricity. Some lineman tasks will require the stripping of that insulation in order to complete the job.


These alone are a handy tool to have, no matter who you are. Screwdrivers will help you tighten little odds-and-ends, undo screws to access batteries or other protected areas. For a lineman, screwdrivers are going to be required in order to access panels or other areas that have been intentionally locked away to prevent accidental access.

Protective Gear

Like all jobs associated with danger, a lineman needs protective gear, such as the following (depending on the company and the type of work being completed): hard hats, gloves, boots, harnesses (to prevent falls), protective eyewear, and more.

Other Noteworthy Lineman Tools

While there’s no one true comprehensive list of lineman tools, since each company and lineman will have different goals and services, the following tools are also worth considering adding into your toolkit or at least having access to: wrenches, hammers, knives, measuring devices, sockets, pole climbers gear, iron workers tools, tower workers equipment, and more.

Check out our selection of lineman tools to start your toolkit today or to upgrade your existing equipment!